Sunday, September 12, 2010

Preventative Bed Bug Checking

bed bug sniffing dog

A bedbug sniffing dog (Photo:

The following is a very positive development. As more and more hotels begin preventatively bringing in bug-sniffing dogs, there will be an increase in transparency and consumers will be able to tell which places take bedbugs seriously.

From a local Philly ABC station in March:

John Cochie, innkeeper of the Alexander Inn in center city says he’s taken preventive steps, such as regular inspections with a bug-detecting dog, encasing beds in protective coverings, training housekeepers on detection, and replacing fabric upholstery with leather.

Cochie and his partner also put the luggage rack out and open in the room, so guests won’t be tempted to put a potentially-infested suitcase on a chair or bed.

“Let’s not give these bugs a place to hide,” Cochie says.

He feels ALL business operators need to be more open about the problems.

“Whether it’s the hotel industry, the cruise line industry, the multi-family apartment industry, even the people that live in the mansions on the Main Line, need to understand this is something that won’t just go away, ” Cochie told Action News.

He went on, “This is something that the more we talk about, the easier it’s going to be for all of us to do our part to minimize the problem.”


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