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How to Kill Bedbugs and Their Eggs With Heat – Yourself! (Preventative Measures)

Packtite Bedbug Killer

Kills Bedbugs and Their Eggs

Protecting yourself from bed bugs today requires serious lifestyle adjustments that definitely raise eyebrows among the lucky (soon-to-be-unlucky, unfortunately) bedbug-oblivious.

One of the key precautions to take is the sterilization of clothes, bags and luggage that may have picked up a stowaway bedbug during its travels.

It is not always convenient or prudent to throw all your things in the dryer every time you come back from a potentially infested area. And by that I don’t mean only a hotel with a cameo on the Bedbug Registry, but, you know, like a movie theater or…Lincoln Center.

That’s why we finally got our hands on a Pack-Tite. It is a duffle-bag shaped contraption that heats up your luggage to the bedbug-frying temperature without ruining your stuff.

You can throw the bag into the PackTite and just let is do its thing for four hours OR, you can put the thermometer cord that comes with it in the center of the luggage and wait until it hits the bug-killing temperature. Then they advise waiting an hour (but just between you and me, 20 minutes should be fine according to what was reported the Bedbug Summit).

Here are the instructions given by the company:

How do I use PackTite™

Place your suitcase (or other item to be treated) on the rack inside PackTite™.

Place the thermometer in the center of the treatment load.

Close the zipper and plug it in.

Set  the timer for the desired treatment time (varies by type and number of items being treated).

Monitor the temperature to insure that the contents reach 120 degrees (F) and hold that T for 1 hour.

This is one of the first products we at are pleased to have tested (after purchasing it ourselves). If you would like to order a PackTite Heat Treatment Device, please use this affiliate link: PackTite Heat Treatment Device

Thanks and enjoy.

Over on the BedBugger Forums there was a discussion by bedbug victims about how crazy to go with PackTiting everything.

DeedleBeetle, an extreme PackTiter, says:

You’re right to think that we should be using our PTs alot. What’s the problem with that? That doesn’t mean that we are obsessed — it just means that we’re being careful because who in the world would want to risk another infestation? So, i find i’m continuing to PT often. I’m PTing right now because husband just picked up our laundry from the laundromat and before we use it i must run it through the PT to be sure that if any bbs climbed on our stuff from someone else’s laundry, that it will be killed. Earlier today after i finished vacuuming, i popped the vacuum pieces, including the hepa filter and bag inside the PT to be sure that no egg or larvae or bug could live in the hose, the suction pieces, the body of the vacuum or even in the vacuum bag or filter. then it goes back into a plastic bag until i use it again.

Tomorrow i plan to PT the two quilts on my bed and the pillows as well. I don’t think anything is in them but why not be sure. I think it’s a great idea to PT our blankets and quilts and pillows at least once a month.

So enjoy your PT…enjoy the peace that it offers …

Another person predicts the PackTite will become an everyday appliance:

Someone posted on this forum that they thought the packtite would become a common everyday appliance. I don’t disagree. Experts state that the bedbug situation is going to get worse and more widespread. Forty years ago, people would spray DDT on them to keep them at bay. Unfortunately, they have grown resistant to it and there is nothing readily available to consumers to “easily” kill the bbs and their eggs . And from what I read here, it’s not so uncommon for people to get re-infested after successfully having them removed from their homes.

I would love for the Pack-tite to really become a household appliance. it may not eradicate bed bugs, but no matter how low a percentage, it would still curb the spread of bed bugs.


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