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Does the Bed Bug Patch Work?


Bed Bug PatchThe jury is still out on the Bed Bug Patch, which purports to mask the scent of CO2 using B1 vitamins, rendering the bedbugs blind to the location of their victim. We can therefore not yet recommend this product, though we intend to continually update this post as more valuable information becomes available.

Here are some excerpts from a lengthy discussion at BedBugger.com’s forums. As usual, some valuable information, entertaining anecdotes, needless flame-war with stressed out BB victim and finally, someone stepping forward to test out the patch:

But first, here’s a video put out by the patch folks:


This is a pretty site with a lot if content designed to look important and helpful, and designed to attract search engines. A google of “bed bug patch” today will turn up several press releases from Aug 31 and Sept 1, dateline Woodmere, NY. They even have a Facebook page. So, this product just launched. I doubt that many have experienced it.

The patch claims to administer vitamin B1 through the skin (and that the body will flush B1 if taken orally). The B1 allegedly masks the CO2 and odors that attract BB. I wonder (if this product has any efficacy) if it just relieves the allergic reactions.

Of course the page also offers the following “priceless” disclaimer : “The Food & Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any ailment or disease.”

Finally, the insect featured in silhouette on the product and site is not a BB. David, this belongs in your museum. 

Here’s their press release:

The Bed Bug Patch Launches September 1st, 2010 to Combat Rising EpidemicWOODMERE, N.Y., Aug. 31 /PRNewswire/ — In recent months, the Bed Bug name has resurfaced all over the Globe. Although generally described to children as myth when tucking them in for sleep, Bed Bug bites are now more of a reality than ever. Residential and commercial residences have reported increasing infestation complaints. New York, Philadelphia, Detroit and Ohio rank among the highest bed bug infested states in the United States.

The Bed Bug Patch is set to launch internationally on September 1st, 2010 as an effective tool to repel and deter Bed Bugs. The Bed Bug Patch is exactly what the name suggests — a patch applied to an individual’s skin to help prevent Bed Bug bites. The way the patch works is simple: it is comprised of vitamin B1 Thiamin which is dispersed throughout the body gradually after the patch is applied. Bed Bugs are attracted to Carbon Dioxide and use that naturally inherent attraction to seek out a host on which to feed. The B1 Thiamin acts like a mask to cover the Carbon Dioxide that we naturally emit from our bodies. The Bed Bug Patch conceals the CO2 scent that we release from our skin from getting picked up, thus rendering the Bed Bugs directionless to find a food source.

The Bed Bug Patch is a great alternative to other forms of Bed Bug control due to its all natural and easy-to-use application. The Bed Bug Patch is safe to use on children and adults and is convenient to take around everywhere for preventative measures. Consumers can expect to see The Bed Bug Patch on various media channels including television spots, internet advertisements and social media avenues. Consumers can expect to see The Bed Bug Patch in neighborhood retail stores in the near future as well.

About The BEDBUG PATCH, LLC.: The Bed Bug Patch was specially designed by a dedicated team of innovators who could not take the annoyance of Bed Bug bites anymore. This team firmly believes in the capabilities of their product and the solutions it holds for those suffering from Bed Bugs. The BEDBUG PATCH, LLC. holds the patent for this transdermal B1 vitamin administering product. The Bed Bug Patch was created to bring change in a revolutionary, all-natural way.  The team behind The Bed Bug Patch are people-oriented individuals and are devoted to the concerns and well-being of your family.




Richard56 – 10 hours ago  »
Assuming for discussion sake that the product works as stated. If so, couldn’t the Bed Bug Patch actually spread an infestation by masking the food source resulting in the bugs wandering to other parts of the residence looking for a blood meal?

The only valid use I can see for this is in a multi-person household. Parents might want to patch their children. Or in an allergic / non-responsive pair, the patch might go on the allergic person with the other person still being bait.

That’s if it works. Which is highly unlikely. Although I would love this to be true (and that’s why scams work), I simply can’t see how a transdermal patch could affect the contents of your breath to the necessary extent. It’s your breath that the bugs cue in on isn’t it?




Hello– Sienna. The patch does not seem to cost too much money (about $7.00 for a small box) and so it might be worth a try. To be honest, it sounds a bit too good to be true to me, and I thought that the website and advertisements were a bit short on scientific content. I would be concerned if someone were to use the patch with the intent of protecting themselves because of an allergy. However, I also do not think that a B-1 supplement will ultimately hurt you (its just thiamine). Amazon has listed a more general bug patch that is also a B-1 patch, and so I am wondering whether or not this is simply a repackaging of this other product to appeal to the bed bug market. My main concern is that at least one product listed on Amazon seems to have some rather fishy, i.e. artificial sounding, reviews– which might indicate a lack of honesty on behalf of the manufacturer…..

Too bad this is a new product and so there is no internet buzz– which would let you know one way or another. Personally, I would notify the makers of this patch and ask for a free or trial sample– this way you could try it without risk.


P.S. Here are three bug patches all based on the premise of B-1 as a repellent. My guess is that the Bed Bug patches are identical– except for the price write-up.




[…]we have ordered them and I will test them when they arrive. The test is simple.

I will wear the patch for 10 minutes and them see if a bedbug will feed, I will test on the hour for a few hours and see the effects.

If it works I will say and if it does not I will also say.

Happy to play guinie pig on this one but it may take a few days for the product to reach us in the UK.


That was 3 weeks ago and no results reported yet. We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, if you want to give it a try yourself, use this link and help support FreeBedBugAdvice.com:


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4 Responses to “Does the Bed Bug Patch Work?”

  1. Just a heads up……the link to the bed bug patch site on your banner isn’t functioning. here’s a link to their site for anybody who needs it. http://www.bedbugpatch.com/

  2. They took my money but never shipped the product, never returned my request for status and lied to me about my own address (the shelter address) by saying it wasn’t a real address because it’s a homeless shelter. Did they think they can steal my money because I live at a Transitional Housing Program and couldn’t speak up? THEY WERE WRONG!!!!

    Transitional Housing Program residents are smart people who work, are looking for work or waiting to receive deserved SSI benefits.

    The “homeless people” Bed Bug Patch refuse to sell to:

    1 was a ft entertainment industry career guy who lost his job

    2 was a wife whose husband divorced her

    3 is fighting for a very much deserved SSI benefits

    4 & 5 lost their jobs due to the recession

    5 works both a full time job and a part time job

    Me – I work a full time job with a back injury because General Relief Government program is a shitty program

    Oh yea…. we “Homeless People” absolutely deserve to live with Bed Bugs.

  3. Amber says:

    Shiver me timbers, them’s some great infroamtion.

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