Friday, October 15, 2010

A Different Sort of BedBug Registry: The Bed Bug Wedding Registry

A Plush Toy Bedbug


When two people decide to make their life together, what better way to enhance their partnership and spare them from the horrible stress of bedbug infestation than a BedBug Registry. Now since that term already refers to the best way to find reports about bed bugs at locations throughout the US, we’ll call this the Bedbug Wedding Registry! I don’t expect folks to register themselves, but victims seeking to protect their loved ones from getting infested can come here and browse our recommended preventative gifts for newlyweds:

  • Mattress Encasements – because beds should be full of love and sleep, not tiny vampires drinking your blood
  • Bedbug Monitors – Just stick these puppies under your bed and check them now and then to sleep tight sans Bed-Bugs
  • A stuffed toy Bedbug – Sometimes funny. Sometimes not. Use discretion.
  • The PackTite – Great for when they come back from the honeymoon and for general peace of mind. Kills bedbugs and eggs with heat. Works great.
  • Climbups – Go under the legs of your bed, preventing the passage of bedbugs and catching any that do try.
  • Contractor Garbage Bags – These are what you throw your stuff in when coming back from a romantic evening out at a potentially infested location such as a movie theater.
  • Bedbug-Proof Fabric Laundry Bags – Another option. Just make sure to wash/dry the bag as well.

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