Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Bedbug Nightmare of Yesteryear

Burning a Bed Bug Infested Home (Illustrative)

Photo: foxtongue @Flickr

So we all know Bedbugs have been around a while. Here’s an older bed bug tale of woe from a bedbug victim telling of her grandmother’s response and recollections of her own bedbug experience:

Every year we send my Mother, in the middle of Canada, a Holiday package of chocolates and small gifts. She has asked us NOT to send any gifts this year because she remembers 65 years ago when her father destroyed a couch with an axe, then burned in, because it was infested with bedbugs after a travelling relative slept on it. To this day she can clearly recall the details of that couch ~ ” . . . brown leather with tassles and it pulled out to be a bed .. ” She was 10 years old. Her baby brother wakened the family screaming. Grandma went to calm her screaming baby and to her horror found bedbugs in his diaper. Grandpa took care of the rest. Mysteriously the family home burned down a few years later. Family members still tell how “calm” Grandpa was. He just watched the fire, moved the family into the barn and built a new home a year later. One has to wonder if he lost the battle with the bedbugs. Perhaps a bit extreme thinking, but – I’d do it if I had to.

We are on the eve of our 4th fumigation.

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